God has blessed me…
Blessed me with a glimmer of the sunshine, the moonlight, the existence of candlelight.

Life in existence, coming together to reveal the infinite oneness of nothingness and everything.

Grace is truly a gift of God. Allowing one’s being to recognize and yield in awe, of the spiritual being that is it.

To stand by and SEE what life truly is…its essence, its completeness.

Grace, a gift of God. Without it, which one of us would ever glimpse it in our own?

Yes. I have on this eve been blessed.

I can only pray that the everlasting pool of written to oral translation be kind to this experience of blessing.

To allow the creative inspiration of life to infuse those who translate this written to oral experience.

Thus, passing on the enlightenment of the most gracious gift until the beginning of our relationship with time.


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