I often wonder, if God took all of my friends and all of the community I knew of Love away from me.
You ever ask yourself…If you forgave everyone you are estranged from, for one reason or another, and walked up to them and said, “you know what, I’m sorry for having let this thing carry on for so long. I really miss your friendship in life. Let’s let bygones be bygones and catch up and go forth.”
What if you did do something that put you out of accordance with God and that is why you are estranged from that friendship or companionship? What are you really losing on 50/50 odds?
What radical change would your life undergo, for just going up to one of those individuals and saying that?
Yet, to do that? Wow!
Makes you wonder even more, doesn’t it?
What concept of forgiveness would that experience metamorphize your psyche into?
What concept of compassion, what concept of detachment, what concept of giving over to that which truly knows, what concept of obedience, what concept of love’s cycle through which love is known, would that experience genesis your total being into?
No baggage, no fear of rejection, no regrets, no self-righteousness because it’s not about you, it’s about you having been wrong in some aspect of your life. You should hope for the opportunity to get righteous.
Just a blank slate,
a petri-dish; waiting to be written upon in forgiveness of one’s relationship.
You see when I started wondering, the fear struck me, so that I wrote it to page. I feel the fathom of the question, alone, in solitude, is something I could not keep.
For it will never leave me, and my experience has taught me that is important and ordained. Those questions that make you evolve in one way or another, yet not void of free will.
And I know.
It will, now, never leave you. And in that, I feel comfort.
I feel a deeper sense of love for all beings. A deeper sense in understanding that, “every hair on my head is counted and accounted for”; as is yours.
50/50 odds and you already lost; if it is true and you’re being taught a lesson now.
So the only thing there is is to experience a blank slate and growth.
Scary right!?
So I wrote it to page. I don’t want to be alone in this. And if it is not being read to you, you are reading it. So I wasn’t worried about telling anyone.
So what’s it going to be?
Biography, autobiography, fable, folktale, legend, myth, realism, adaptation, non-realism, drama-documentary, what about fiction? Including fiction radio drama. Soap, monologue, experimental, improve, comedy, tragedy, or happily ever after.
I guess that is the beauty of it. It can be all of those or it can be none of those and something else entirely.
But it can be.
And if life is the proverbial clock, then let me add this as a proverbial tick to time.