Why I Blog

It has become apparent to me by the grace of God that the overwhelming attack to persuade the victory in Disbelief through the lure of mystery, scandal, sensationalism, inaccuracies, and untruths; surrounding the existence in validity and validation of the Lord is a necessity to the devil because of the simplicity of the Truth. A truth actualized, made tangible, made palpable, and eternalized. The existence of Jesus, the Nazarene is an unquestionable truth by any historical standard. The incarnation of God foretold by man, became man so that the truth that would save man was told simply and plainly. So then necessity and its’ master of appointment must exist. Why not trust in the simplicity of The Way? Trust...just trust. Think of all the reasons that makes trust an issue, or difficult, slow to earn or a requirement that must be earned rather than freely given. At the root of all of them, the reasons, is a necessity. Required for the victory of your soul. Whether you trust to then believe or believe to then trust is inconsequential to the simplicity of the truth. Available and afforded to everyone in all price ranges, economic, social-economic, class, brass, ethnicity and varying degrees of intelligence, ages, and conscious status. Simply provided for you freely, answered and explained. Not a complicatedly simple truth. Rather a simple Truth, void of all necessity. So I write the following blog as an intercessory body to the glorification of our Lord Jesus Christ.