Think of someone in your life.

To know your closest and dearest in this life, be that your husband, your wife, your mother, your father, a grandparent, sibling.

Think of someone in your life that you love and know; really know.

Without a doubt this person is there for you, loves you and knows you. They helped you through your bad times and celebrated your best times.

They grow with you and change with you, year after year.

This person you can feel inside of you at any point in a given moment.

Again, it makes no difference the dynamic of the relationship. You may choose one of many individuals in your life.

In fact do not focus so much on the relational aspect, that is to say, don’t think about, “This person is my father or my mother, or wife, sister, brother, grand parent.”

Think about that feeling of knowing this person in your soul.

Think about that connection you have with that person, which allows for the physical aspect of natural interaction.

Such as “Hey dad, “or “Hey sis, bro, mom.”

It is that spiritual relationship that allows for the outer interaction.

Now that you can recognize and explore that relationship, try to feel all of those spiritual relationships at the same time.

Close your eyes and say out loud, “Father, I missed you and want to know you again.”

Take your time.

You see, creation is your father. As you lay down to sleep, to whom do you entrust your soul to keep?


God is creation, God is your father.

Glimpses revealed to you through everyday relationships. Your mother, your father, sister, brother, grandparent, uncle, friend, enemy.

All aspects of relationships are dots along the same circle.

Circle of love, to admire, to like and friendship, to disdain, to disgust and hate. All one.

All opportunities to recognize our spiritual selves and that relationship to our creator, our God, our father and mother.

Accompanied with an infinite family of brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and grandchildren, sons, and daughters…

Again say out loud, “Father, I missed you and want to know you again. Father, I want to come home. I want to feel you…”

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