The overture of tranquility sets upon the melancholy of daily existence, within the confines of the mundane struggle against the soul. A struggle that we all pursue to ignore. The foundation of our existence, evident in the essence of the struggle. Striving to balance that for which we want and that which is wanting for us. Why is it that the last resort is always to let go?

To exalt oneself to the true Master of our destiny is the only way to survive this insidious existence. An existence lived in the mirage of anarchy and chaos. Go back to the giving of Eden and the mandate that was given to us, the people. Why is it easier for us to believe the lie than
the truth? Is the reality of our reflection that painful to look at under the light of righteousness; that we eagerly seek to walk in the bliss of darkness? Our backs broken and shoulders collapsed from carrying the facade of "wanting to see the light."

The Bread of Life is willingly dipped and dragged through the drippings of the world; presented to us without pause for question. The Wine, refined, tainted with additives and preservatives to make more palpable to the masses. A feast orchestrated to deceive, presented to satisfy the body. Given the clarity of understanding; striving to satisfy a need is to serve the will of that need, to become subservient to it until gratification. We have been forewarned that both cannot be satisfied. But even this warning is lost, psychologically challenged in the name of work/life balance, charity giving, 10K marathons and holiday soup kitchens.

Let us remember the dream of the Golden headed giant, the revelation, and flourishes of dynasties come and gone, and currently in power. Each lesser than its predecessor. History turned into a myth, told through time, which consumes it; distinguishable only if actively pursued.

Let us remember.