Every night I seem to cry myself to sleep,
These feelings I’m feeling just don’t want to leave.

Maybe I know….
That what you said is true.
I’m tired of thinking time and time again that we are through.

Because, without you I am no good at all.
Heading right back without a net to catch me fall.

Everyday I try to find a way to bend my knees.
The more I try…I wonder why.
Won’t you help me, please?

I see the mirage of true love everyday,
And a glimpse of the real when I lay
My lips upon hers, my wife, my true.

But still I digress, will you tell me why?
What is the custodian of the tears I cry?

Who has ever come back
to get what they left behind?
What I value is an illusion of my mind.

Please don’t leave me,
Please don’t, don’t go.
Show me how to partake in your overflow.

You came back and will come again.
Maybe then I’ll reach to grab
your outstretched hand.

Make me love you, why give me a choice?
Why must I struggle to hear your voice?

A leaf on the ground is already dead.
It sparks an image of life in my head.

Of the healthy blooming tree from whence it was shed.

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