Like a child that has lost his first pet,
A man or a woman whose love has been snatched from them,
Losing that part of their heart that turns
Sound into music, laughter into joy, movement…
Into a glorious dance.
The emptiness felt, the dulling screen through
Which one lives life detached from the experience of living.
This is the existence of a spirit untrue.
Untrue to the essence of its being.
Felt when one stills the mind,
Quiets its thinking and ceases to move.
Reflected in the self, manifested time and again
In relational engagements with others.
From this place – this stillness, the core;
We can begin life, we can remove the screen
And become true to the spirit.
What is it that drives you to feel, to love, to
Experience – not with your hands?
To see – not with your eyes?
To know – not with your mind?
What is it that drives you to feel, to love, to experience, to see, to know with your heart?
Seek out….
Seek out what that is and transform everything in your life to that,
So you may transcend into what you truly are – a spiritual being blessed with eternal life.
Concern yourself with this in your daily living, your job, your engagement with others, your relationships, the way you talk, the way you think.
Do not allow the death of what is yours, the death of what you are.
To exist falsely,
dull in spirit and dull in life.

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