(A love story. A love poem. A lovely revealing of my soul to my wife, Nicole.)

A gift to see into time and have time stare back at you with indifference.

Revealing to that conscious point of your existence; an understanding of the infinite greatness that it shares with existence.

A gift to finally sit still emotionally, mentally, physically…utterly, completely.

And watch life being created, birthed, nourished, thriving, dying, and rebirthing…


That is a gift further blessed and compounded by the wondrous love from the well we call Eternal life…

Blessed with you, my love and companion in the physical condition, this place in consciousness, along the everlasting timeline of life.

Blessed with you, my wife and soul mate.

To share with you makes me pass out in humble disbelief… only to awaken to your love. It hurts me.
That is my blessing…Thank you.

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