If this is all that I am,
Let me be no more or no less.
For this is your creation.
Perfect in your image.
Given in your grace.
Let me live and let me die.
But please, do not let me forget.

Do not let me forget how to love
With my soul.
With that which is me.
My essence, my being.
Forgive me,
The I, the me,
Is nothing.
Do not let me forget,
That we are one and it
Is Love that is me.
My soul is you,
Your breath.
You, the one that is all

Fear not what you are.
For you’re mere reflections of existence.
A reflection of one type.
The abyss is just that, an abyss.
And there is an infinite number
Of reflections.

Thank you for my image,
For my breath.
The illusion of life is complex
And you are the needle lost within.
Calm the madness.
Emerge before my eyes, crystal clear.
Life lost in living …
There is not one exit.

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